McDonald’s Budget Tips For Employees Include Getting Another Job


McDonald’s reportedly provides budget tips for its workers and included in the monthly net income is money made at a second job.

The journal appears to be sponsored by Visa and McDonald’s and includes tips such as not paying more than $600 a month for your mortgage or rent and paying $20 for your monthly health insurance.

According to the document seen on a website: “The Practical Money Skills Budget Journal is a great first step toward taking control of your money.”

For McDonald’s employees lucky enough to have a car, the company suggests spending no more than $150 per month on car payments. Home and car insurance is also added into the McDonald’s budget mix with a total cost of $100 per month. The full budget handbook doesn’t even budget for car repairs and other expenses.

Danya Proud, McDonald’s Director of Media Relations, wrote that the sample budgets on the website are "intended to provide a general outline of what an individual budget may look like,” in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post.

McDonald’s does show that $100 a month is acceptable for cable and phone services and suggests $90 per month for electric bills.

“Helping you succeed financially is one of the many ways McDonald’s is creating a satisfying and rewarding work environment,” The Practical Money Skills Budget Journal states.

Ironically, among the obvious missing items in the sample monthly expenses is food. However, the company does budget $100 for other expenses, which might include meals and clothing.

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