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McConnell Affirms Support For Trump Presidency

McConnell Affirms Support For Trump Presidency Promo Image

Sen. Mitch McConnell is "thrilled" to have President Donald Trump in the White House, the GOP's leader in the Senate said in an interview with Fox News.

His statement came after a number of clashes with Trump over policy issues, The Daily Caller reported.

"What we're interested in is achieving an agenda for the American people -- and the president's agenda and our agenda are one in the same," said McConnell, according to The Daily Caller. "We're thrilled to have somebody in the White House who supports what this House and Senate Republican majority has been wanting to have an opportunity to do for a long time."

McConnell rejected criticism of Trump on the grounds that Republicans have yet to achieve a major legislative victory since he became president.

"President Trump, I think, doesn't get nearly enough credit for the changes that he's brought about that are unrelated to legislation," added McConnell. "But we're going to score a big legislative accomplishment here on tax reform in the very near future."

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Just three days earlier, Trump took a swipe at McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Twitter. The president accused them of refusing his request to attach a provision to raise the debt ceiling for a recently adopted Veterans Affairs bill. Trump alleged that raising the debt ceiling "could have been easy," but now it is "a mess."

Trump traveled to Capitol Hill Oct. 24 to lunch with Senate Republicans. GOP senators urged the party to put on a united front.

"We're here to try to accomplish things for the American people, we're all on the same page," McConnell stated, according to CBS News.

McConnell sought to avoid getting involved in the ongoing feud between Trump and Sen. Bob Corker. Earlier on Oct. 24, Corker alleged that Trump would be remembered for "the debasing of our nation," and said the president is not a role model for children.

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However, speaking after the lunch, Sen. Lindsey Graham said that Trump was "upbeat, lighthearted and funny" during the meeting, noting that they had discussed "how they needed to be a team."

But according to Corker, "tax reform barely came up" during the lunch. He added that he "didn't partake" in the conversation over lunch, although he explained that he "normally" doesn't.

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona declared that he is "optimistic" that tax reform can be passed, but added that he is "not sure they'll pass it by the end of the year."

Sources: The Daily Caller, CBS News / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Office of the Speaker via Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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