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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Blames Virginia for Big Apple Gun Crimes

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Virginians and people from other southern states are responsible for gun crime in New York City.

“Despite all we do to keep our city safe, we’re increasingly at the mercy of weak national gun laws and weak gun laws in other states,” Bloomberg said. “We have been attacking this problem from every angle, but we cannot do it alone.”

He specifically pointed out Virginia as one of the worst offenders.

“Take Virginia,” Bloomberg said. “That state requires no background checks for private sales and the legislature in that state even recently rolled back their state laws by stripping their one-gun-a-month purchase limit.”

There might actually be some merit to Bloomberg’s claims. In 2011, about 90 percent of gun crimes in New York City involved guns from another state, a 5 percent rise from 2010. Of those guns, 322 came from Virginia. South Carolina guns were involved in 251 crimes during the same period.

Bloomberg used these statistics to promote common-sense gun reform. He argued that gun violence would fall across the country if individual states would create stricter gun control laws. Theoretically, if Virginia had an outright gun on bans, then as many as 322 New Yorkers might still be alive today.

Bloomberg’s argument highlights one of the weaknesses of the gun control movement. New York City has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, but the laws are not terribly effective when gun owners from outside city lines can move guns into the Big Apple with little or no opposition.

If New York legislators somehow could keep foreign guns out of the city, then they might see as much as a 90 percent drop in gun violence.

What do you think? Is Bloomberg's noble gun control movement being crippled by out-of-state guns, or are New York's gun control policies poorly conceived?

Source: Washington Times


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