Mayor Bloomberg Says Americans Have to Reinterpret Second Amendment to Stay Safe


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to attack gun rights at its source by urging Americans to reinterpret the Second Amendment.

During a press conference in Midtown, Bloomberg argued that Second Amendment no longer applies in the modern day and age. He said, “We live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.”

“It really says something bad about us that we have to do it,” he added. “But our obligation first and foremost is to keep our kids safe in the schools; first and foremost, to keep you safe if you go to a sporting event; first and foremost is to keep you safe if you walk down the streets or go into our parks. We cannot let the terrorists put us in a situation where we can’t do those things. And the ways to do that is to provide what we think is an appropriate level of protection.”

Bloomberg argued that reinterpreting the Constitution isn’t as unpatriotic as it might seem, pointing out that the Supreme Court regularly makes different interpretations of the Second Amendment as part of its rulings.

Gun rights aren’t the only thing that Bloomberg hopes to throw on the chopping block. Bloomberg also argued that the right to privacy shouldn’t be as sacred as it was in the past. He added, “We have to understand that in the world going forward, we’re going to have more cameras and that kind of stuff. That’s good in some sense, but it’s different from what we are used to.”

Bloomberg’s stance is unsurprising considering gun control advocates’ recent defeat in Congress. Senators killed a bill that would have expanded background checks to all gun sales. In the weeks prior to the vote, Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns spearheaded a $12 million gun control advertising campaign to drum up support for the bill.

Source: Politicker


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