9-Year-Old Boy Starts Lemonade Stand To Pay For Adoption


A Missouri boy raised more than $7,000 through a lemonade stand to help pay for his formal adoption.

Tristan Jacobson, 9, and his foster mother, Donnie Davis, held a yard sale and lemonade stand April 23 in front of their Springfield home, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

But the lemonade stand wasn’t for toys or a new bike. Instead, Tristan was raising money to help pay for his adoption.

Tristan’s biological mother was involved with prostitution and drugs. She left Tristan on the doorstep of a shelter in January 2012, according to KYTV via KTLA. Davis received a phone call soon after.

“I was scared to death,” Davis told KYTV. “If he was scared, if he was hurt, what was going on through his mind?”

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Adorned with a sign that read, “Davis Family Adoption Sale,” the lemonade stand also sold bottled waters and cookies.

“I’ve kind of coached him on some things to say” Davis told KYTV. “He gets a little nervous and stuff. Sometimes he’ll just sit there, and I’m like, ‘You have to greet them.’”

The lemonade stand generated a lot of business, raising more than $7,100, which is $2,000 more than Davis needed for legal and adoption fees.

Davis had also started a fundraiser on YouCaring.com to help Tristan’s cause. That fundraiser has raised more than $8,400.

“There’s not enough words to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has shown support or given us donations,” Davis told the News-Leader, adding that the extra money will go toward Tristan’s education. “Everyone has made this possible. We will make sure this child will forever be ours.”

Four years after being left by his biological mother, Tristan says he now feels grateful to have a family of his own.

“I know she’s responsible, taking care of me,” Tristan said of Davis. “I know she’s going to be a great mother.”

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Sources: Springfield News-Leader, KTLA, You Caring / Photo credit: KYTV via KTLA

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