Shocking Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera (Video)


A violent road rage incident in Texas has captured national attention (video below).

Eyewitness David Dao and his daughter recorded the fight between four people on their cell phone, KTRK reports.

Dao explains he told his daughter to record it for legal reasons to help any victims afterwards. Yet they stayed away in the car because he did not want his daughter to get hurt.

"When the white car proceeded forward, just a few inches, that aggravated the truck driver because he thought, 'Oh no you're not! You're not going in front of me,'" Dao explained.

The driver then nearly hit a woman, who was a passenger in the truck but was standing outside the vehicle.

"I couldn't believe it,” Dao said. “As soon as he kicked the grille, I was like, 'This is going down now.' I was thinking this is going to be bad. At that time, I knew because there's physical damage now."

Drinks were thrown as the fight escalated, with a punch even being thrown.

Things start to calm before the truck slams into the white car and drives away from the scene.

Dao said the incident made it clear to him that drivers should always stay calm.

"It's not worth it. At the end of the day, how much further are you going to get?” he said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says they have no idea what happened to the drivers after they left. Nobody has since reported any accidents.

Yet this is just one of many fights that happen on the road. Experts say road rage is on the rise.

"According to data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the number of fatal accidents caused by road rage or aggressive driving has risen dramatically since 2004," said Justin Loera, senior insurance market analyst at Auto Insurance Center, NBC News reports.

The Auto Insurance Center has since analyzed thousands of social media posts related to road rage to better understand the issue.

"The purpose of our study was to take a closer look at commuter frustrations. Social media has given motorists new ways to vent their driving-related frustrations — a much better option than expressing anger while behind the wheel,” Loera said.

Their analysis revealed August is the worst month for "furious drivers," said Loera. He explained holiday traffic and alcohol consumption during the summer months create "the perfect storm for frustration on the road."

Sources: KTRKNBC News / Photo credit: KTRK

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