Mathew Jackson Fatally Shot by Sheriff's Deputy For Reasons Unknown (Video)


Mathew Jackson was shot and killed on Saturday by off-duty San Antonio Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Thomas, but no one knows why.

Authorities claim there was some kind of "altercation" between Mathew and Deputy Thomas at 5 a.m. on a freeway.

"It seems like the investigation started off completely wrong and I hope she gets involved. I hope [Sheriff Susan Pamerleau] cleans that up. I hope she helps us find the right answers and these missteps get corrected," Mathew's brother, Patrick Jackson, told KENS 5 (video below).

Deputy Thomas claims he was driving home when he was involved in a minor traffic accident with Mathew, who was also headed home from his waiter job.

Both men pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway, but for reasons unknown Deputy Thomas fired several shots at Jackson.

"Whatever incident occurred that made them pull over, I don't understand what would have made them angry enough in a mile or two for this to escalate like that," added Patrick.

Patrick and Jackson's wife claim they drove by the shooting scene separately at around 7 a.m., which would have been about two hours after the shooting.

They both recall seeing Mathew dead in the front seat of his car, with his left foot on the ground, which the sheriff's department disputes.

KENS 5 requested an interview with Sheriff Pamerleau, who has decided not to give a statement until the investigation is complete.

Source: KENS 5


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