MassResistance's Brian Camenker Claims Violence In Russia Fault Of LGBT Protesters


Brian Camenker is the President of MassResistance, a right-wing organization that regularly publishes blog posts on hot-button issues, including abortion rights and LGBT rights. The site has covered much of the new anti-gay propaganda laws in Russia, as well as the activists attempting to end those laws. 

Camenker and his organization have repeatedly made claims that same-sex kissing in Russia is responsible for the brutal attacks on the supporters of the LGBT protesters there. 

In a recent interview with Mission America’s Linda Harvey, Camenker insinuated that a violent reaction to homosexuality is a natural reaction. 

Camenker explained: “The natural way people react to homosexuality — outside of all the diversity training — is a certain amount of revulsion. So if two men start kissing in the public street, you can expect a certain reaction from people.”

Camenker also explained his thoughts on the difference between the ways in which LGBT protesters are treated in the United States vs. in Russia. 

He stated: “It’s sort of interesting, apparently in Russia you get away with [violence, beating people up] but here it is just exactly the opposite — the homosexuals can disrupt churches, they can disrupt anything, they can do all kinds of horrible things in public as they’ve done at events where I’ve been and nothing happens.”

Camenker has previously published stories comparing LGBT advocates in schools to Nazi camp guards, according to the Huffington Post. He and his organization remain strictly anti-gay.


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