Massive Snake Found At Construction Site (Photos)

Brazilian construction workers may have just discovered the largest snake in recorded history. 

The Daily Mail reports that a massive snake measuring 33 feet long has been discovered on a building site in Northern Brazil. 

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The enormous 882-pound reptile was discovered by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Para, Brazil.  

Workers snapped photos of the massive creature, which needed to be chained to a crane and lifted out of the cave.  

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Some social media users criticized the workers for chaining and killing the animal.  However, it is reportedly unclear if the workers killed the snake or if it had died previous to them discovering it.  

One user wrote: “I’m not sure this is real, but if it is, shame on these people for killing it! A snake that big has probably been alive for a very long time now, just to be killed for a few pictures?? What a waste…”

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest snake in captivity is Medusa, a snake that measures 25-feet 2-inches long and is held in Kansas City. 

This anaconda has that one beat by a whopping 8 feet! 

Sources: Daily Mail, Guinness World Records / Photo credit: Daily Mail, YouTube via Daily Mail

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