Massive Outrage After College Football Player's Vicious Hit, People Call For His Arrest (Video)


An Alabama college football player's cheap shot that went unpunished has angered many fans who are reportedly calling for his arrest (video below).

The incident occurred during a game between Alabama and LSU. Anfernee Jennings, a linebacker for Alabama, was late to hit an opposing player.

Despite the ball carrier going out of bounds, Jennings ran full speed into an LSU player who was blindsided by the hit and fell to the ground.

To make matters worse, a distressed crowd saw that Jennings wasn’t penalized for his actions, except for being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

A fight broke out between the two teams while Jennings walked away unharmed.

Jennings was a hyped-up pick for Alabama in 2016, according to AWM.

In September, noted that the player was "a promising redshirt freshman from Dadeville who looks poised to play a significant role for the Tide defense."

“We really feel like Anfernee can be a good player for us, and that’s one of the guys we want to play in there some [with] Tim and Ryan to help them out,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said.

"He’s a physical player, has good size, can play at the point, and he has some pass rush ability," Saban said of Jennings after the Alabama-USC game. "All those things are things we can certainly use in regular downs and in nickel."

Sources: NewsiosityAWM / Photo credit: AWM

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