Massive Law Enforcement Drill in LA to Feature Random Bag Checks


Los Angeles Law Enforcement of all stripes will have a greater presence in the city this week, especially along main transit lines. More than 1,300 local law enforcement and homeland security personnel participated in a “two-day high-visibility training exercise,” according to Nicole Nishida of the LA County Sheriff’s Department.  

The sheriff’s deputies, along with drug-sniffing dogs, will conduct random inspection of bags at union station, just one of the features of the operation. Transportation security personnel are also expected to participate.

With the Boston Marathon bombings in mind, security forces are learning to heighten their activity during holidays and public events. Taking into account the upcoming festivities of July 4th, a greater showing of security is likely. Though highly publicized events like parades are profile indicators of terrorist attacks, officials report the drill is not in response to any threats.

“We learned lessons after Boston,” says Chief Ted Sexton, L.A. County Sheriff’s Homeland Security division. “We’re also heightening a sense of awareness not only for all law enforcement officers, but for the public in general, that if they see something, say something.”

However, security has already beefed up since the bombings. Just last month in Downtown, LAPD officers from the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau held a similar counter-terrorism drill.

Sources: CBS


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