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Massive Brawl In Philadelphia Store Caught On Camera (Video)

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At least five women in Philadelphia were involved in an intense fight on Friday at a store in Philadelphia.

The incident, which happened at Zara in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philly, was caught on camera by a customer and occurred around 3:20 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

The women were shown in the video throwing punches and pulling each other’s hair, as they stumbled throughout the store and knocked over a number of product displays. At one point during the fight, a woman climbed on top of a display table and jumped onto another woman involved in the brawl.

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Shoppers were seen standing back and watching, while others filmed with their phones. The fight went on for several minutes before a security guard arrived at the scene and broke it up before employees called 911. According to reports, all of the women left the store before police arrived.

No arrests were made after the incident, and an investigation is ongoing. The reason for the fight remains unclear.

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Watch the intense brawl below.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC Philadelphia, YouTube

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