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Massachusetts Vet James Glasser Denied From Diner Because Of Service Dog

A Massachusetts military veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder says he feels "belittled" after he and his certified service dog were refused a return visit to a local diner. James Glasser served in Iraq and has been being helped by his dog, Jack, since he returned from overseas.

"My feet just got into the restaurant and I 'hear get that F-ing fake service dog out of my restaurant,'” Glasser said.

Russel Ireland, owner of Big I's in Oxford, said when Glasser and Jack came in before, the dog ate from a plate and was not wearing a muzzle or harness. He called the situation unsanitary.

"I watched them feed the dog off the plate that you're going to use next," Ireland said. "After it gets washed, of course. But still, a dog ate off it. This is not a needs dog to me. He did not come in with a harness. There's no muzzle on it."

After Glasser was turned away, he called the police. Officers explained to Ireland that the dog is allowed inside, MassLive reported.

"Twenty-one years in the military, nine years away from my family, being deployed, defending his right to own that restaurant," Glasser said.

Ireland said he could have handled the situation a little better.

"I didn't say anything last time he was in, so it was partially my fault," Ireland said. "I admit this, I overreacted, granted, I'm only human."

Sources: MassLive, NECN


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