Massachusetts State Trooper Pepper Sprays Man Filming Him (Video)


Anti-police brutality protests erupted around the country last week after a New York grand jury voted not to indict a NYPD officer in the choking death of Eric Garner.

The protest in Boston was mostly peaceful, except when an unidentified Massachusetts State Trooper shot pepper spray at Kin Moy multiple times. Moy filmed the incident on his cell phone (video below).

The state trooper yelled at Moy, "Go, now, you’re going to get sprayed.”

“We saw a bunch of officers start dog-piling this guy who was not resisting arrest and it seemed to me to be a little rough,” Moy told the Boston Herald. “I wanted to film all of it just in case, and as I was backing up and complying with his demands but still trying to film everything, he sprayed me.”

"I don’t think that all cops are bad. I just think that there are too many that are getting away with things that they ought not to be without facing repercussions and that’s what these protests were all about for me,” added Moy. “Ironically enough, I felt that the officer who pepper sprayed me was being an example of that.”

According to Massachusetts State Police policy, pepper spray “shall not be used on passive resisters who offer no physical resistance."

WCVB reports that Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said in a statement, “We have begun an internal investigation into the action seen in the video to determine whether it constitutes a violation of departmental policy. The department’s investigation will be thorough and unbiased.”

The Massachusetts State Police want to speak to Moy, but he stated, "I do intend to reach out to the state police at some point. I intend to meet with [the ACLU] early next week.”

Sources: WCVB, Boston Herald


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