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Watch: Police Entrapment Scheme Caught On Camera (Video)

The Somerville, Massachusetts Police Department looks to have been caught red-handed in the middle of an entrapment scheme. Video footage provides convincing evidence that the department hired undercover pedestrians to walk across the street repeatedly so that officers can issue passing drivers traffic citations.

Footage surfaced over the weekend of a man walking into traffic and crossing the street over and over again while showing no regard for oncoming cars. When he reaches one side of the street, he waits a few moments before walking back across.

As video footage posted by YouTube user savyfide shows, a nearby Somerville Police Department officer watches as the man crosses the street. If a passing car comes even relatively close to the man, the officer flashes on his lights and pulls the driver over.

Since failing to yield to a pedestrian is punishable with a $200 fine in Massachusetts, the Somerville Police Department seems to be using the scheme as an easy revenue generator.

The man who caught the entrapment scheme on film says the department had faux crosswalkers walking across the street just days before as well. He tried to film the trap then, but was ordered to stop by a Somerville officer.

Here’s the footage:

Sources: YouTube, Free Throught Project


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