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Massachusetts Man Beaten By Police (Video)

Richard Simone was reportedly beaten by police officers on May 11 after a high-speed chase from Massachusetts to New Hampshire (video below).

The Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Police were both involved in the pursuit of Simone, who reportedly had outstanding warrants for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and larceny.

During the chase, which began in Holden, Massachusetts, the cops bumped the rear of Simone's pickup truck, causing him to skid into a telephone pole, but Simone, 50, kept going with at least one flat tire, WCVB notes.

The wild chase came to an end in Nashua, New Hampshire, reports WHDH, when the cops surrounded the pickup truck at a dead end.

In a helicopter video filmed by WCVB, Simone can be seen surrendering and getting down the ground; several officers then run up and start punching him.

"It was very shocking, to say the least," Sabrina Simone, the suspect's sister, told WHDH. "Disturbing to see that to see when someone willing gets out of the vehicle, goes to their knees, goes flat out on their stomach, their hands are out."

The New Hampshire Attorney General is investigating the incident.

The Massachusetts State Police said in a statement:

The pursuit, like all pursuits that involve Massachusetts State Police, will be reviewed by the department's pursuit committee. Additionally, MSP will also review the apprehension of the suspect, to determine whether the level of force deployed during the arrest was appropriate.

Simone is facing charges for the pursuit in addition to the warrant charges.

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire said in a statement on May 12:

The footage from yesterday raises serious concerns, and I have been in contact with the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Safety.

All New Hampshire public safety officials are held to the highest standards, and it is important and appropriate that the Attorney General's office has opened an investigation into the incident.

New Hampshire has a rich history of community policing where law enforcement members have strong, collaborative relationships with the communities in which they serve.

We must treat this incident with the utmost seriousness without disparaging all of the hard-working police officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

Sources: WCVB, WHDH / Photo Credit: WCVB/YouTube

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