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Massachusetts Governor Backs Immigration Ban Challenge

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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has released a statement supporting the challenge to an immigration ban signed by President Donald Trump. Unlike the majority of governors opposing the ban, Baker is a Republican.

"Massachusetts is a global community and we all benefit from the shared experiences of our partners from around the world to support our economy and educational institutions to make our state the best place to live, work and raise a family," Baker wrote in his statement, reports The Hill. “The recent executive orders puts this at risk, will not improve our security, and the lack of guidance associated with such an abrupt and overwhelming decision is problematic for all involved ... Our administration has worked with the [state's] Attorney General’s office and supports her challenging this action. We look forward to the courts resolving this matter expeditiously."

On Jan. 30, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey tweeted: “Tomorrow, we will be joining in a lawsuit challenging Trump’s immigration order. What he did was unconstitutional & harmful to MA,’’ notes The Boston Globe.

On Jan. 31, Healey announced her office would be filing a suit against the executive order.

“It discriminates on the basis of religion and national origin, denies our residents access to due process and equal protection of the wall, and violates federal immigration law,” Healey wrote, according to The Hill.

Carol Rose, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, added her support to the state's suit, saying, "We welcome the fact that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is willing to put the full weight of its leadership behind this important civil rights and civil liberties issue, and [makes] sure Massachusetts remains a state that defends the rights of all people and promotes the freedoms of speech and expression, due process, equal protection, and the right to travel."

Sources: The Hill, The Boston Globe / Photo credit: Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via

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