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Massachusetts Father Goes Fishing For Tuna, Brings Home Giant Shark (Photo)

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When Mike Evensen and his kids went fishing for tuna this weekend, they reeled in a 483-pound porbeagle shark.

Evensen was in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on Sep. 20 fishing for something a little smaller, Conservative Angle reports. That’s when he hooked the giant porbeagle shark.

Evensen and his kids, Cameron and Hana, reeled in the giant fish within an hour. It took another hour to hand line it into the boat.

The father of two noted that he had recognized the fish when he saw a white patch near its dorsal fin.

Evensen and his kids finally took the fish to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries where it was weighed in at 483 pounds. The giant fish was just shy of the 490-pound state record. 

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Sources: Conservative Angle, The Blaze

Photo Credit: The Blaze,


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