Two Puppies Found Dead In Trash Bag, Dog Trainer Arrested

A Massachusetts dog trainer is facing animal cruelty charges after two dead puppies were found in a trash bag behind a Revere gas station last year. 

Jason Gentry, 34, was arraigned Tuesday in Chelsea District Court and is being held on $1,000 bail. He has been charged with two counts of cruelty to animals and two counts of killing an animal, WCVB News reported. 

Those charges come about eight months after the dead dogs were discovered by a landscaper in November.

They are the second set of charges Gentry faces. He was also arraigned earlier this month on 10 counts of animal cruelty and running a kennel without a license in a Lynn, Massachusetts, case, according to WHDH News. 

In all, Gentry has been accused of killing three of the dogs under his care, The Boston Globe reported.

Gentry is believed to have been raising dogs known as Donovan pinschers which are named after 51-year-old Dominick Donovan, of Long Beach, New York, who developed the breed. The dogs are said to be a mix of mastiffs, pit bull terriers and other breeds. 

Donovan was taken into custody on Tuesday as a result of the Revere investigation, according to WCVB. 

An unnamed police detective told WCVB that he believed the two 5-month-old puppies had been killed because “they weren’t aggressive enough.”

“They didn’t possess the traits that were desired by these handlers,” the detective said. 

Gentry didn’t speak to the press after Tuesday’s arraignment but his attorney, Ernest Stone, insisted that his client is innocent. 

According to court documents, obtained by the Globe, Gentry told investigators Donovan killed the two dogs that were found in Revere. He reportedly told authorities he and Donovan had both decided to “cull the two dogs ... since they were not meeting breeding standards.”

Gentry reportedly only admitted to providing the trash bags to Donovan. But one witness is said to have told police that Gentry bragged during a phone call that he “beat the dogs with a baseball bat like a pinata,” according to the documents. 

A third dog allegedly died while being transported to New York from Gentry’s Lynn training facility. 

It was a search of that facility that led to the first 10 charges against Gentry. 

In court documents, investigators described finding five dogs in “deplorable” conditions and said the kennel smelled of stale urine and feces, emitting a “very acrid rotten odor,” according to the Globe. 

In two separate hearings, Gentry pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. He is out on bail and due back in court on Sept. 3. 

A court date for Donovan has not yet been reported. 

Sources: WCVB News, WHDH News, The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: WCVB News, Police booking photo via Boston News Time


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