Massachusetts Cop Harry Wareham Denied Gun Permit


A police officer in Massachusetts finds himself in the odd position of being denied a permit to carry a gun, all because of a new law that unsealed his juvenile record.

The MetroWest Daily News reports that come May all criminal records, even those previously sealed, will be sent to the firearm licensing board and other agencies.

The change in the law has already affected Framingham Lt. Harry Wareham. Wareham admittedly had a troubled childhood, and when he was 15 he committed an undisclosed crime.

“I was very dumb and I made a mistake,” he said.

Wareham was able to turn his life around and for the past 16 years has been a rising star on the Framingham force.  

But now the firearm licensing board has denied his permit to carry a gun while off duty because of what he did as a teenager.

"I feel like I made a mistake and I did my part, and now this is coming up all of a sudden,” Wareham said.

The police chief is giving Wareham special permission to carry his gun on duty, though.

“He was given, more or a less, a second chance, and he took advantage of a judge’s wisdom who sealed the record,” said Chief Steven Carl. “Twenty-eight years later, the system has failed him. To take Harry off the road is a loss to this department and this community.”

Wareham's lawyer is working to get the officer his gun permit.


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