Mass Murderer Radcliffe Haughton Legally Bought his Gun on


Radcliffe Haughton, who allegedly killed three people, himself and wounded four others, on Sunday, at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin, should not have been able to buy a gun.

A federal law prohibited Haughton from buying a gun because of a restraining order by his wife [whom he killed Sunday], but a loophole in Wisconsin state law let him purchase his gun through a private seller on the website, without a background check.

However, Haughton is not the only one using this loophole to buy guns. reports:

In its “Point, Click, Fire” investigation of illegal online gun sales, NYC investigators found that 62 percent of private gun sellers, most of them online, agreed to sell a gun to a customer who admitted he probably couldn’t pass a background check.

And some of the worst offenders were unlicensed sellers on The report found a number of high-powered rifles, like a Ruger Mini 14 assault rifle, for sale on

In one videotaped phone call, an undercover investigator asked a seller who advertised a gun on Armslist if he was "one of those licensed guys" and admitted he couldn't pass a background check — to which the seller only laughed. "No, I just take cash, and there you go!" the seller said while laughing.


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