Republican Governor Wont Vote For Trump Or Clinton


Republican Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts said he would not vote for his party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump — nor would he vote for Democratic front-runner and likely nominee Hillary Clinton.

"The things [Trump] said about women and Muslims and religious freedom, I just can’t support," Baker told the press on May 4, reported. "At the same time, I do believe Secretary Clinton has a huge believability problem."

Baker did acknowledge that Trump won the GOP nomination "fair and square" but said he had no intention of supporting the billionaire businessman.

"Sure, it’s odd," he said about the decision not to vote for his party’s nominee. "And it’s disappointing."

"I think it's pretty clear at this point that he's going to be the Republican nominee," Baker added. "Yeah, and I give him credit for it, I mean, he earned it fair and square, congratulations to him."

Baker said he would instead focus on who was running in his state. Whether or not he would write in any candidates depended on “who else is on the ballot.”

Baker previously endorsed Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey for the presidency and responded to Christie’s endorsement of Trump in February.

“Chris Christie is very much his own man, and that was part of what made him an attractive candidate for me,” Baker said at the time, MassLive reported.

“But I don't believe his endorsement of Donald Trump says much of anything about why I chose to endorse him."

During the May 4 press conference, Baker, a moderate Republican, said he believes the current election to be “one of the most troubling election cycles across the board” he’s seen in his lifetime, MassLive notes.

“People of this country deserve a race that's based on issues and facts and judgment and policy and what you want to do for the country, and I hope we end up having that kind of race,” he said. 

Sources:, MassLive (2) / Photo credit: Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via

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