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Masked Men Threaten DAPL Protesters, Arrest Made (Video)

Shiye Bidziil live streamed a video on Facebook of two masked men threatening him and another man while in a vehicle outside of a hotel in Bismarck, North Dakota, on Dec. 5.

The same incident was filmed by an unidentified witness, who noted the masked men's license plates (video below).

Bidziil and the man he was with -- both Native Americans -- were seeking shelter from a blizzard that hit the Dakota Access pipeline protesters' camp, the Detroit Free Press notes.

Police arrested Jesse McLain on Dec. 7, as they believe he is the man wearing the skeleton mask in the video, notes the Bismarck Tribune.

The man in the skeleton mask can be heard threatening Bidziil and the driver:

Take your protesting a****** back home. Take your protesting a****** back home ... You mother********* protesters go home! Us North Dakota people are going to f*** you up! Every f******* one of you. Every f******* one of you!

The driver is unable to move the car because the masked men have blocked the vehicle with their own cars.

The skeleton mask guy attempts to grab the second man's cell phone, and comes after him.

McLain is charged with terrorizing Bidziil, the driver and the second man who filmed the incident.

Police reportedly tracked down McLain via the license plate on the van he was driving, which belongs to a local company where he works as a driver. It's not clear if he still has his job.

Nne members of the Potowatomi tribe decided not to sleep in a shelter in Mandan, North Dakota, because some made them feel uneasy there, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Those Native Americans were unable to find hotel lodging, and ended up sleeping in their cars outside of a Wal-Mart store.

Sources: Shiye Bidziil/FacebookThe Bismarck Tribune, Detroit Free Press / Photo Credit: YouTube

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