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Masked Child Shooting AK47 Footage Uploaded By Pro-ISIS YouTube User

Footage of a young boy shooting an AK47 rifle and then saying Islamic chants was uploaded to YouTube last week by a user who has previously posted a pro-ISIS video.

The videos show a boy in a mask told to fire the assault rifle by a man, according to the Daily Mail.

The interaction reportedly occurred in a rural area of Damascus. Each time the boy fires the gun, he looks like he is about to fall underneath its weight. Then, the adult in the video tells the boy to say Islamic phrases.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is known for recruiting young boys to join the militant group. In a documentary by VICE on the Islamic State, an ISIS spokesman said that boys younger than 15 were forced to attend a “Sharia camp” and then older boys were forced to go to a military camp and taught the ways of ISIS.

ISIS militants have gained power, especially in northern Iraq recently, where they have abducted hundreds of people and killed thousands. Numerous locals who are Christians, Yazidis or Shiites have had to relocated to avoid religious persecution.

Source: Daily Mail


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