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Masha Allen, Child Pornography Victim, Sues Men Who Exploited Her For $150,000 Each

A Russian orphan and child pornography victim is suing the men that exploited her using a law named after her.

Masha Allen was adopted 15 years ago by a Pittsburgh millionaire businessman, Matthew Mancuso, who took and posted pornographic images of her on the internet, according to Fox News.

Some of the photos were taken in a hotel near Disney World and prompted police to search for the “Disney World Girl,” according to

Allen was rescued in 2003 when she was 10 years old, and Mancuso and thirteen other men who were convicted of possessing her photos were put in prison.

Her story was publicized, causing Congress to pass a law that allows child pornography victims to sue their abusers to be named after her — “Masha’s Law.”

"It sort of brings things full circle in that sense, for her to get the justice that she went out there and helped other people get," said Leighton Moore, Allen’s lawyer.

Using that law, a 20-year-old Allen filed a lawsuit against the men on Friday in Philadelphia. She hopes to gain at least $150,000 each from Mancuso and the 13 other men in jail, some of whom were doctors and have significant financial assets.

The lawsuit goes beyond the 14 men convicted of abusing her though and aims to sue from others who have accessed pornographic images of her, but how successful she will be in gathering money from other people who possessed her images is unclear.

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