Maryland Woman Arrested For Dousing Boyfriend In Bleach And Alcohol Before Setting Him On Fire


Charges have been brought against Natalie Robinson, a 53-year-old Salisbury, Maryland, woman accused of setting light to her boyfriend during an argument.

Police were called just before 1 a.m. Sept. 28 to the home shared by Robinson and her boyfriend.

According to the victim, an argument began outside the residence. It became physical when Robinson threw bleach in his face and put rubbing alcohol on his torso  and face, before setting him on fire, the Delmarva Journal reported.

He was able to extinguish the flames, flee the home and alert police.

No details were available on what caused the dispute.

The unnamed victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Peninsula Regional Health Center and was later released.

Police carried out a search of the property and found evidence backing up the 48-year-old victim’s version of events, the Journal reported, but no further information was available on what officers found.

Robinson is being held on charges of attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, first degree assault and second degree assault. No bond has been set.

Investigations by the police are continuing, and anyone with information on the incident is being asked to contact them.

Sources: Delmarva Journal, WBOC/ photo credit: WBOC


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