Maryland Store Owner Attacks Robber After He Threatens To Kill Her Son (Video)


Maryland woman Tigist Atreso beat a liquor store robber over the head with a fire extinguisher after he threatened to kill her young son.

Around 10:30 p.m. last Thursday, 20-year-old Michael Kemp reportedly walked into the TG Silver Spring Mart dressed in black clothing and sporting a face mask. In surveillance footage, Kemp can be seen pacing the aisles, then pulling a long barrel revolver from a plastic shopping bag.

Atreso, the store owner, was in the back stock room when Kemp approached her with the gun and demanded money.

Kemp guided Atreso to the front of the store, where Atreso opened the cash register and placed money into a plastic bag. However, Kemp was unsatisfied. In an attempt to convince Atreso for more cash, Kemp returned to the back of the store and threatened to kill her 19-month-old son.

“He said, ‘I kill your son,’” Atreso recalled. “He come to my store, inside my store, and he tried to kill him.”

Atreso, a mother of three, quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher from behind the counter and ran after Kemp, hitting him in the head with it. She managed to hold him in a lock until a customer ran in and tackled Kemp to the ground. With additional help, Atreso and the customer were able to restrain Kemp.

“He need money, I give him money. He has to go back outside, right?” Atreso said. “But he come inside to kill my son. No, that’s not fair. This is a bad person.”

Atreso suffered a minor bite to her left pointer finger. Kemp suffered more serious injuries and was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for medical assistance.

Kemp is currently in custody and faces seven felony counts of armed robbery and assault. If found guilty, he faces up to 130 years in state prison.

Sources: ABC, Silver Spring Patch


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