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Maryland State Trooper Saves Man Attempting To Jump Off Bridge (Video)

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A Maryland police officer saved a man’s life on Saturday, and the dramatic footage was caught on the trooper’s dashcam.

State trooper Joshua Kim was driving down the Tydings Memorial Bridge, which crosses the Susquehanna River, when he saw a potential jumper standing near the bridge’s railing.

Concerned, Kim turned around and stopped to check on the man.

In footage of the incident, the man waves to Kim and then swings a leg over the bridge’s rail as Kim jumps out of his car. Kim swiftly wraps both arms around the man and pulls him onto the ground, then handcuffs him.

"Most of what you see in that video is me thinking on my own because I didn't want to go over the bridge with him,” Kim said, “So I got down on my knees and pulled him back."

The video has since been posted on the Maryland State Police’s Facebook page in celebration of Kim’s bravery.

“It could have been tragic for both of them,” Maryland State police spokesperson Elena Russo said. “It took a lot of courage putting his own life in danger.”

Sources: The Blaze, The Independent


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