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Maryland State Trooper Accused Of First Degree Sex Offense

A long-serving Maryland state trooper has been charged with a first degree sex offense after he allegedly forced a woman at gun point to perform a sex act.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning in Palmer Park,according to Inquisitr.

A Prince George County officer was on patrol in the area and noticed a SUV at the end of a cul-de-sac. As he approached, he observed a man and woman standing outside at the passenger’s side, police said in a statement reported by the Washington Post. The woman informed police that the trooper had a gun.

The trooper then identified himself to officers as 43-year-old Brian Tucker, who has served 18 years with the force. He was not on duty at the time.

The woman told officers that she had been forced to perform a sexual act at gunpoint.

An initial investigation revealed that the pair had exchanged money for the woman to perform a sexual act, but that in the course of this Tucker had compelled the woman to perform another act with his weapon against her will. The gun carried by Tucker was not his duty weapon, police added.

In subsequent questioning, Tucker acknowledged he had paid the woman for sex, but did not admit to threatening her at gunpoint to continue.

Tucker has been suspended without pay, according to Maryland State Police. On top of the sex offense charge, he also faces a firearms charge.

CBS Local reported that an internal investigation will also be conducted once Tucker’s trial is complete.

Tucker is currently being held on $500,000 bail. No court date has yet been mentioned in reports.

Sources: My Fox DC, Washington Post, CBS Local, Inquisitr/ photo credit: Inquisitr


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