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Maryland State Trooper Caught On Camera Beating Man (Video)

A video (below) of a Maryland law enforcement officer beating suspect Bradley S. Martin on Aug. 17, 2015, in Frederick County has surfaced.

The video was reportedly sent to Cop Block by an unidentified source who told the citizen-advocacy site: "From my understanding (which is vague) the arrest was for a small, 'personal amount' of Heroin. I was told the arrest, nor the incident was ever reported. The police officers also attempted to retrieve the original video from the security system. There is no sound. Not sure of any of the names."

Maryland State Police told on Jan. 14 that Martin eluded troopers who claimed he was speeding. A chase ensued, until Martin drove down a "one-way street to a dead end," according to a statement. "Troopers found the [vehicle] with the door open and the driver running toward a parking garage."

Martin then allegedly "ran into a business establishment" where he "did not comply with verbal directions to get on the ground."

Police say that Martin was trying to get his hands into the pocket or waistband of his pants while on the floor, and the troopers suspected that he had a gun in his pants. There was no mention of any gun being found.

The statement continues: "The trooper used closed hand strikes to the suspect’s face in an attempt to gain control of the suspect ... The suspect continued to struggle with the troopers and they could not gain control of his hands. [Trooper] Whorton used additional hand strikes and the suspect submitted and was able to be handcuffed."

The additional hand strikes happened when there were three troopers on top of Martin, who was later taken to a local hospital and then a trauma center for his injuries.

Martin was charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, possession of heroin, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, second-degree assault and multiple traffic charges.

Police said the Internal Affairs Unit investigating the incident had "determined the troopers used reasonable force against a suspect who continued to resist arrest and made movements indicative of someone trying to reach a gun in his pocket or waistband.

"The force was only used in an effort to take the non-compliant suspect into custody and prevent him from reaching his pocket or waistband during the struggle. When custody was obtained, all use of force ceased."

Sources: (2), Cop Block / Photo credit: YouTube

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