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Maryland Sheriff Robert Corley Opposes State’s New Gun Law

A Maryland sheriff has come out against the state's new gun control law saying that it is unconstitutional and requesting that officials support selective enforcement of the measure.

Garrett County Sheriff Robert Corley voiced his opposition to the law at a county commissioners meeting on Tuesday and introduced his own resolution to the law that he claims protects citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

“I’m asking you to join me in my commitment to the law-abiding citizens of Garrett County because such enforcement will greatly reduce the likelihood of criminalizing law-abiding citizens,” Corley said. “I believe that the MFSA [Maryland Firearms Safety Act] violates the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution that clearly states, ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’”

The law, which is set to take effect Oct. 1, would give Maryland some of the nation's most stringent gun restrictions. It requires people to submit fingerprints to the state police to get a license to buy a handgun, bans 45 guns and limits gun magazines to 10 bullets, Fox News reported.

The chief counsel to the attorney general's office of courts and judicial affairs, H. Scott Curtis, said sheriffs are obligated to enforce state laws.

"They have to consider the oath that they took when they took office and that is an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Maryland and Maryland's laws," Curtis said.

Corley said he will enforce the law as he sees fit.

"I'm not asking for your blessing," Corley said. "I'm asking for your support."

Sources: Fox News, Cumberland News-Times


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