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Maryland Police Officer Saves Life Of 10-Day-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing (Video)

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A 10-day-old baby’s life was saved thanks to the actions of a Waldorf, Maryland, K-9 officer (video below).

On July 31, the mother of newborn Dana discovered her daughter not breathing and called 911. The dispatcher gave the mother instructions over the phone as to how to help, and she relayed the instructions to a relative.

Meanwhile, K-9 Officer Darin Behm was driving nearby and saw the call on his patrol car's computer screen. He went to the woman’s home and discovered the family member attempting to help Dana breathe. Behm stepped in, doing a finger swipe to clear her airway after seeing formula in the baby's throat. That proved unsuccessful. 

Behm then placed his mouth over the baby’s mouth and sucked out a small amount of formula and mucus. This cleared her windpipe and she was able to breathe regularly once again.

Dana was transported to a nearby children’s hospital and later released.

“I’m glad I was able to help,” Behm said. “It’s what we do.”

Sources: WUSA 9, WJLA / Photo credit: WJLA


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