Maryland Police Arrest Man Filming Abortion Clinic (Video)


Robert Weiler Jr. was reportedly filming outside an abortion clinic in Maryland when he was confronted by two police officers and arrested on June 14.

In the video (below) that Weiler shot, Berwyn Heights Police Officer James Ignowski walks up to him and asks for his identification, notes

Weiler asks Officer Ignowski if he is committing a crime. Officer Ignowski says he is not, but still wants to see his identification.

Weiler, who was reportedly holding an anti-abortion sign, asks if he is being detained several times, which Officer Ignowski denies.

However, Officer Ignowski says he needs to search Weiler for weapons and check his name for outstanding warrants “because you’re recording all the events that are happening here.”

Prince George’s County Police Corporal Allen then drives up, gets out of his cruiser and gives Weiler his name, reports

Moments later, Officer Ignowski and Corporal Allen tackle Weiler to the ground and arrest him.

According to Weiler's YouTube page:

I go to trial on the false charges September 23, 2014. I was charged with Disorderly Conduct, and 2nd Degree Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.

The Baltimore Sun reported in 2006 that Weiler was sentenced five years in prison for allegedly plotting to blow up an abortion clinic with a pipe bomb, but turned himself in to police.

However, it's not clear if there is a restraining order on Weiler to keep him away from clinics in 2014.

Sources: Baltimore Sun,, YouTube


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