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Maryland Parents Arrested Following Investigation Into Death Of 10-Week-Old Daughter

A couple from Rockville, Maryland, faces charges following the death of a 10-week-old baby in June.

Robert Allan Davidson, 24, and Lorena Thompson, 22, were arrested at their home on Friday following an investigation in to the death of Aleah Thompson on June 26.

Davidson is accused of second degree murder, first degree child abuse resulting in death, first degree child abuse resulting in severe physical injury, neglecting a minor, first degree sexual abuse of a minor and a second degree sex offense.

“Very rare, tragic, unconscionable,” Captain Paul Starks, a spokesman for Montgomery County Police, said, according to the Washington Post.

A medical examiner’s report concluded that the girl died of “multiple blunt force injuries.” Starks added that evidence existed suggesting Aleah was struck.

Davidson alleged that he was playing video games when he heard Aleah having difficulty breathing. He then attempted to resuscitate her. She was rushed to hospital and died three days later.

“Robert Davidson also stated he had dropped Aleah Thompson several times, and on one occasion, she even rolled off the couch,” according to court papers reported by the Washington Post. “Robert Davidson later admitted to aggressively shaking Aleah Thompson on June 23, 2015.”

Lorena Thompson worked as a cook at a local restaurant, and was at work during the June 23 incident. She has been charged with two child abuse counts, and neglect of a minor.

Police say she acknowledged having previously noticed that Aleah had suffered injuries.

“A witness statement revealed that Lorena Thompson suspected Robert Davidson had inflicted the injuries to Aleah Thompson, but continued to leave the victim in his sole care and custody,” the documents noted.

Prior to Friday’s arrests, the couple had not claimed Aleah’s body. The Post reported that it was being held at the medical examiner’s office.

According to NBC, Thompson’s 5-year-old son is being cared for by a relative.

Relatives and work colleagues of Thompson were contacted by the media for comment but did not respond.

The pair were due in court Monday. Bond is currently set at $5 million for Davidson, and $800,000 for Thompson.

Sources: NBC Washington, Washington Post/ photo credit: Washington post


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