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Maryland Man Gooden Claims To Be Obama's Adopted Son, Tries To Access Family Bank Account

Some people will do anything for money.

In his quest for some extra dough, Maryland man Johnnie Gooden walked into a College Station bank recently with a painfully unbelievable story.

Gooden approached a teller at Bryan Bank with a bold request. He wanted access to first lady Michelle Obama’s bank account. In his attempt to convince the teller that he deserved access to the account, he claimed he had just been adopted by the Obama family.

Shockingly, the teller determined that Gooden was not the Obama family’s adopted son. In fact, the teller said, Mrs. Obama did not even have an account at the bank. When Gooden refused to leave the bank, the teller called the police.

The police questioned Gooden when they arrived, and his story only got better.

Gooden told police that Michelle Obama had contacted him on Facebook and told him the family wanted to adopt him. As their digitally adopted son, Gooden now wanted access to the family bank account.

When police questioned his story, Gooden suddenly stopped talking. The police ran a background check on Gooden and found that he had outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and assaulting a public servant.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You must be high to believe a story like Gooden’s, right? Well you might be on to something.

Police found two bags of marijuana in his pockets before arresting him. 

Source: Chron


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