Maryland Holds Statewide Gun Turn-In (Video)

Maryland held a statewide gun turn-in day on May 11. Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler's office said that any type of gun, working or non-working, could be turned in, but had to be unloaded (video below).

There were 24 places around the state where citizens could voluntarily turn in their guns.

According to WJLA-TV, the guns may have been checked with  law enforcement databases to see if they were in a crime or reported stolen.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, 111 guns, one grenade, one sword, 10,000 rounds of ammo and 11 BB guns were turned in, according to county police spokeswoman Lucille Baur.

Included in the 111 guns were 68 hand guns, 27 rifles (one AK-47) , 15 shot guns and a pen gun.

Unlike some gun turn-in events, there were no money or gift cards offered.

"Incentives can frequently capture people's attention, and while the money isn't overwhelmingly, as it's traditionally done, overwhelmingly the biggest factor, our emphasis was to give people an opportunity to voluntarily and safely turn over their weapons," said David Paulson, a spokesperson for Attorney General Gansler.

"The woman who brought in these two long guns, she didn't know how much they were worth," said Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Deputy Steve Austin told the Washington Examiner.com. "But she knew they were guns, and she wanted to get them out of her house."

Sources: Washington Examiner.com and WJLA-TV


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