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Maryland Bank Robber Drops Stolen Money, Slips On Ice (Video)

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An alleged bank robber’s plan failed after he dropped his stolen cash and slipped on ice as he tried to make his getaway.

At 9:30 a.m. surveillance video caught Robert Williams at a PNC Bank dropping a pile of cash he was carrying in his arms. Instead of planning ahead and bringing a duffel bag, Williams took an open umbrella from the bank and threw the cash into it.

By the time police arrived Williams had escaped in a green minivan, but tire spikes were deployed to stop him.

Williams continued his escape on foot, but eventually slipped on ice and hit his head, allowing police to catch him.

In his mug shot, Williams can be seen wearing a bandage as evidence of his embarrassing spill.

Police found $20,650 in Williams’ car and no weapon.

Williams was charged with robbery theft between $10,00 and $100,000, and with resisting arrest.

Sources: NY Daily News, Laurel Patch


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