Woman Sues FedEx For Mistakenly Bringing Her Marijuana, Telling Potheads Where She Lives


Maryangela Tobin is suing Fedex for incorrectly delivering seven pounds of marijuana to her house and then telling the potheads who had ordered the weed where they could pick it up. Tobin’s suit is on behalf of herself and her two young daughters. It was filed at Plymouth County Court in Massachusetts.

Fedex delivered a package to Tobin’s home in October which she assumed was a birthday present for her 11-year-old daughter. The package contained something else entirely, reports Courthouse News. According to her complaint:

“Inside the package were assorted candles, candy, ribbons, markers, and crafts. There were also several large vacuum-packed bags of what appeared to the Tobins to be potpourri that went with the other items in the package. Lily asked Maryangela to open one of the bags. Maryangela broke the seal of one of the bags and the kitchen instantly filled with the odor of marijuana. The package delivered by FedEx to the Tobins did in fact contain marijuana.”

The complaint continues:

“Maryangela realized something was wrong and asked Lily to go upstairs to her room. But Lily sensed Maryangela's distress, and would not leave her side. Lily asked what was wrong with her present. Maryangela explained to her that the package contained an illegal substance, at which point Lily began to cry. Lily, breathing the strong aroma, worried she now had ‘drugs in her.’”

At that point Tobin called the police. They seized the package as evidence and told FedEx that their botched deliver could have put the family at risk. Sure enough, someone came looking for the package at Tobins home fairly shortly.

“Maryangela was in the kitchen when she heard a male voice coming through her unlocked front screen door asking if she had received a package that day. Maryangela, fearing for her safety, walked directly to the screen door, closed and bolted it, and told the smuggler 'I don't have your package.' The smuggler asked if FedEx had picked the package up from her house, whereupon Maryangela repeated that she didn't have the package and proceeded to shut and bolt the main front door. She noticed two other males in a black sports car in front of her house.”

Police returned to Tobin’s home soon thereafter and three men were eventually arrested.      

Tobin is seeking damages for violations of Massachusetts Privacy Laws, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Source: (Courthouse News)


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