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Mary Tyler Moore Had 'Domestic Disputes' With Husband

New developments around the late sitcom actress Mary Tyler Moore's final years are being uncovered and paint a troubling picture.

The actress, best known for her starring role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," died Jan. 25 from a heart attack brought on from pneumonia and diabetes, according to the Daily Mail. She was 80 years old.

One of Moore's neighbors confirmed that the actress' health had been steadily deteriorating: "Sadly, Mary had battled a myriad number of medical problems for years that were only getting worse and which forced her to become a shut-in," said the neighbor.

However, police reports now suggest that illness wasn't the only problem afflicting the sitcom actress. Starting in 2012, Moore had placed multiple 911 calls about her husband, Dr. Robert Levine. In 2014, Moore, afraid for her safety, placed two calls four days apart. In the first, according to the police report, Moore stated that "[Moore's] estranged husband is refusing to leave [the] house. She states he co-owns the home but normally does not reside there."

However, the police report also noted that Moore didn't appear to be completely lucid: "Due to lack of medication Moore was confused and disoriented. Medication was given by the aid [sic] and Moore was calmed and put into bed for the evening," the report reads.

Four days after the initial incident, emergency responders received another call from Moore, who said she had a verbal dispute with Levine, causing him to make a veiled threat toward Moore and drive away in his car.

According to People, Moore and Levine had been together for 33 years. In a statement following the actress' death, Levine writes that Moore was "my life, my light, my love."

"The emptiness I feel without her with me is without bottom," the statement continues. "She was a force of nature who fiercely defended her autonomy even as her health was failing ... And she had that smile. Oh, to see her smile that smile, just once more."

The couples' friends insist that the domestic disputes were actually due to hallucinations caused by Moore's prescribed medication after a 2011 brain surgery to remove a benign tumor.

"In the last months of her life she had pretty much been bedridden," says a source close to the family. "And in the rare times she did get up she was confined to a wheelchair."

Sources say that Moore had no immediate family with her at the time of her death except for Levine. The couple's representatives refused to comment on the allegations of domestic abuse.

Sources: The Daily Mail, People / Photo Credit: Retro Gold/Facebook

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