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Marvin Potter Murders Young Couple over Facebook Defriending

Do you think twice before defriending somebody on Facebook? Good thing Marvin Potter -- or his immediate family -- isn't in your roster of pals.

Potter, a 60-year-old father from Tennessee, is set to stand trial for the murder of Billy Payne Jr, 36 and Billie Jean Hayworth, 23, according to the Daily Mail. Both victims were discovered with gunshot wounds to their heads after an altercation with Potter.

The killings were especially brutal. After being shot, Mr. Payne received a slash wound to the neck and Ms. Hayworth died clutching her infant son.

Mr. Potter allegedly killed the young couple for defriending his daughter on Facebook. Mr. Payne and Ms. Hayworth had contacted police the previous week complaining that Marvin Potter's 30-year-old daughter was harassing them over the social network affront.

"It's such a senseless thing," said the local sheriff.

Mr. Potter (right) was arraigned today along wtih his suspected accomplice, Jamie Curd (left). Potter is currently in jail on $200,000 bond.

He faces first degree murder charges for both killings. Because he does not have the means to hire his own attorney, the Tennessee court has appointed a public defender to assist in his defense.


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