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California Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Student

California Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Student  Promo Image

The latest teacher-student sex scandal originates from Beaumont, California.

A married teacher there has been charged with having sex with an underage student, the Daily Mail reports.

Samantha Ciotta, 32, was charged on Dec. 18 in Beaumont over the alleged sexual relationship with a male student that occurred in June. 

Ciotta, an English teacher at Beaumont High School, was arrested in September after she was allegedly seen wearing only a shirt and panties in a Snapchat video shot by the teen in question.

The investigation began after another student thought he recognized Ciotta in the video. 

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When the second student asked if the woman in the video was "Mrs. Ciotta," the first student allegedly replied: "Yes … Bro, I'm gettin' in deep … been f**king [Ciotta] and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks."

The second student then informed an adult about the matter and Child Protective Services was notified.

When questioned, the boy initially told police he was "not f**king talking" about the allegations, but later flipped when Ciotta said he had "ruined her life," according to court documents obtained by Patch. 

He reportedly explained to police that he had "tried [to] cover for Ciotta so she would not get in trouble" but then "decided to no longer lie for her."

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Allegedly, he couldn't remember how many times Ciotta had performed oral sex on him because he was "intoxicated during most of the times," but did remember having "penis to vagina" sex with her at least five times, Patch reports.

Ciotta was subsequently arrested and police obtained a search warrant for her home, where they found a torn-up note addressed to her husband which detailed her relationship with the boy.

She was charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor and two counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. 

According to the police investigation, Ciotta first took an interest in the boy in 2015.

She described herself as his "advocate," according to one of the boy's relatives, who also served as the teen's guardian after his mother died and his father went to prison.

The guardian trusted Ciotta at first, after receiving emails describing his improving behavior. However, suspicions were aroused when Ciotta and her husband began buying the teen expensive clothes and high-tech products.

But the guardian herself has been investigated for child neglect, and it is not clear who currently has custody of the teen.

Ciotta is on paid administrative leave from the school and is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 27. 

Her husband filed for divorce and now has sole custody of their two other children.

Sources: Daily Mail, Patch / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Beaumont Police Department and Samantha Ciotta/Facebook via Daily Mail

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