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Married Teacher Accused Of Sexually Harassing Her Male Colleagues

Cecilia Sanossian, a 51-year-old married teacher and mother of two from Garden City, Long Island, is accused of sexually harassing her male colleagues at Valley Stream North High School.

Al Daddino, 38, of Garden City, and John Brennan, 42, of Brooklyn, have filed a complaint against Sanossian with the New York State Division of Human Rights and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging she touched them inappropriately and made inappropriate comments, Garden City Patch reported.

According to documents obtained by the New York Post, Sanossian referred to the men she worked with as “FILFs” — “fathers I’d like to f----” — and bragged to a male coworker about her oral sex prowess. She also allegedly openly discussed her physical assets and claimed she once broke a rib during sex.

Brennan told the Post he decided to file the claim after Sanossian tried to massage him while he was sick with a sinus infection.

“I could feel myself shrinking,” he said. “Then I began to feel powerless. Then I began to understand how people feel who are dealing with sexual harassment.”

Brennan and Daddino, along with eight other instructors, sent a letter to the school’s principal in May 2015 alleging her misconduct. “Not all members of the social studies department have experienced these actions, however, those who have not directly experienced these actions, have witnessed these actions,” the letter read. At the time, Sanossian was the head of her academic department.

Daddino alleges he was also harassed by Sanossian. “She threatened that her husband wanted to put my head on the wall,” he told CBS New York. Though he filed a complaint against Sanossian in 2014, nothing was done. It got to the point where as a father and co-worker and teacher I had to do something,” he said of the 2015 letter. 

“The district is aware of the allegations and is conducting an internal investigation. Due to matters of personnel, the district is not offering any further comment at this time,” the school district said in a statement.

The civil suit has not escalated to a criminal investigation, meaning Sanossian currently isn’t facing any charges. 

Sources: CBS New York, New York Post, Garden City Patch / Photo credit: Bart Everson/Flickr


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