Married Mom Admits To Sex With Underage Boys (Photos)


On June 26, a married mom pleaded guilty to having oral sex and intercourse with two underage boys.

Brooke Lajiness, 38, of Lima Township, Michigan, pleaded guilty to two counts of having intercourse with a 14-year-old and one count of having oral sex with a 15-year-old, along with accosting a child for immoral purposes and furnishing obscenity by sending nude photographs to a minor, reports The Sun.

The beauty salon worker was alleged to have seduced the 14-year-old, who she admitted that she had sex with up to 15 times, by sending him nude images of herself, according to the Daily Mail.

"They started conversing and exchanging nude photographs while he was still in middle school, said Michigan State Police Trooper Donald Pasternak, MLive reports.

The majority of Lajiness' encounters with the minor allegedly occurred in the back seat of her car. Lajiness was arrested after the boy's mother reported to police that she had sex with her son.

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The remaining charges will be dismissed in a plea deal once Lajiness is sentenced in August, according to prosecutor John Vella. The mom could face up to 19 years and three months in prison.

Lajiness, who has been married to her husband for 16 years, had posted on Facebook about their relationship in February, according to Scallywag & Vagabond.

"In life, nothing is guaranteed," she wrote. "So finding someone who knows all of your flaws, weaknesses and mistakes and still thinks you’re amazing is something to hold onto and never take for granted!"

Vella said investigators are still trying to determine if there were more victims. "This case involves a defendant seeking out minors for sex," Vella said.

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"He keeps talking about 'minors,' but there's one," said David Goldstein, Lajiness' attorney.

After she was released on a $50,000 bail, Lajiness is not allowed near school property, or to be with children except for her own. She is also barred from using social media or computers, drinking and taking drugs.

In a similar story, a mom in Alabama was accused of taking pictures of her two underage children having sex with each other and with her, and texting them to a man, Inquisitr reports.

Jennifer Lynne Weekley, 37, allegedly made her daughter, who is around 6 or 7, and her son, around 3 or 4, pose for sexual photographs and perform sexual acts.

Police say she texted images of these acts to an unnamed man in Florida.

"In those conversations, she discusses with this person in Florida the acts that she would perform with her children, a girl at the age of 6 or 7 at the time and a boy, the age of 3 or 4 at the time. [Weekley would then] photograph these at the request of this individual in Florida and send these images to this individual in Florida," said Assistant District Attorney Matt Simpson.

Weekley was charged with sexual abuse of a minor under 12, permitting or allowing a child to engage in production of obscene matter and production of obscene matter. She was ordered to have no contact with her children or any others, as well, and could face up to 20 years of prison.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, M Live, Scallywag & Vagabond, Inquisitr / Photo credit: Sole Treadmill/Flickr, Twitter via Daily Mail

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