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Father Of Five Killed By Sucker Punch In Las Vegas

A father of five died in Las Vegas after he was punched in the face by a stranger.

Luis Campos, 45, was celebrating his brother's bachelor party the night of the incident. Police responded around 1:30 a.m. on April 30 to reports of a fight outside of a nightclub, where they found Campos lying on the sidewalk with a head injury, the Daily Mail reports.

Campos was rushed to a local hospital for his injuries, but he died on May 4.

According to authorities, Campos and his brother were standing in line to enter a club when two men came up to them.

"A brief verbal altercation occurred, one of the suspects punched the victim, and both suspects fled the scene on foot," said police in a press release.

According to Campos' brother, Drake Garibay, 30, the two brothers had been drinking the night that the incident happened, but that they were not drunk when they got in line to enter the club. The two were in Las Vegas for their other brother's bachelor party -- Campos was to be the best man at the wedding.

Garibay said he and Campos were standing by a wall when the two men approached them, saying something to the effect of, "What are you looking at?" to the older brother before one man sucker-punched Campos, leaving him collapsed unconscious on the ground as the two men ran away.

"He didn't even get a chance to say anything," said Garibay. "It wasn't even like they squared up. My brother turned his head, he didn't say one word, and [the man] struck him."

"The whole thing was like, three, four seconds long," Garibay said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Garibay added that he tried to see which way the men ran, but the crowd made it difficult to tell.

"I was looking in the direction they were running, but I couldn't really see them," he said. "It was so damn crowded."

"I just held his head," Garibay said. "I just held his limp head in my hand."

The victim's mother, Joyce Garibay, said Campos' two young children, aged 1 and 2, won't get the chance to know their father as they grow up. He has three older children who are teenagers.

"These last five days I've lost 6 pounds," his mother said, KLAS reports. "How do you say goodbye to a child? I don't care how old he is he was still my baby because somebody murdered him."

Police are still searching for the two suspects, who are reported to be Hispanic men in their 20s. Authorities have yet to make any arrests in the case.

"It's tragic," said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Andrew Walsh. "It makes absolutely zero sense, and it shouldn’t have happened."

The suspects can be seen in surveillance video, one wearing a dark shirt and tan pants, and the other wearing a dark shirt, white pants and a white hat. Walsh said that they need anyone who was on Fremont Street during the incident to call the police to provide any information that they can.

Sources: Daily Mail, Las Vegas Review-Journal, KLAS / Photo credit: Prayitno/Flickr

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