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Married Defense Attorney Banned From All Local Jails After Being Caught Having Sex with Inmate

A defense lawyer has been banned from all jails in her area after she was caught having sex with an inmate.

Jessica Mishali, a married defense lawyer from Broward County, Florida, was banned from all Broward County jails after a deputy allegedly caught her bent over a table, having sex with Ysreal Granda, an attempted murderer, in the main jail on Jan. 27.

Granda is being held in jail after being convicted of attempted murder. He previously served four years in prison for attempting to kill two people, according to Daily Mail.

A report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office details what happened when Mishali, whose married name is David, and Granda “engaged in what appeared to be sexual intercourse in attorney interview room #5,” reported New York Daily News.

“I observed inmate Granda standing behind Mrs. David, who was bent over at the waist with her skirt raised to her waist area,” the report read. “The front part of Granda’s body was pressed firmly against Mrs. David’s buttocks area with one of his hands holding Mrs. David at the upper part of her back and his other hand holding Mrs. David at the lower part of her back.”

“Because of their close proximity, I did not observe exposed sexual organs,” the deputy added.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Mishali will not face criminal charges, but is currently under investigation by The Florida Bar and has been banned from all Broward County jails, reported Daily Mail.

Mishali’s attorney, Fred Haddad, and Tarlika Navarro, who is involved in her case, both denied the allegations and suggested there might be an “ulterior motive” behind the accusations, though they did not specify what the motive may be.

A memo was sent out and posted at jail scanners and master controls with Mishali’s photo and a message that says, “Jessica Mishali David is prohibited from entering any Broward Sherrif’s Office facility or onto any BSO property for any reason either personal or professional until further notice.”

Sources: New York Daily NewsDaily Mail / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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