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Married Couple Arrested For Public Sex (Photo)

Married Couple Arrested For Public Sex (Photo) Promo Image

A married couple from Louisiana was arrested after uploading a video to PornHub showing them having sex in various public spots.

Elizabeth and Rex Jernigan, 33 and 35, filmed themselves having sex at a mall, public library, Walmart and a Burger King before posting it online, reports the Daily Mail.

After authorities received a report of "lewd activity" at a public library, the two were charged with six counts of obscenity. Police say the couple had intercourse in other businesses during the past couple of months.

After being charged and released on bail, Rex posted about the incident on the PornHub page.

"To all my friends and follwers, the wife and i just recently bailed out of jail for our public videos we posted on PornHub, hopefully soon we'll get to post a new video soon," wrote Rex under his username, Sexybeast82.

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The couple have a large following. Their videos have been viewed more than 1.7 million times, and their PornHub page has 4,200 subscribers.

"I've always loved to be nude and show off the body since I was a teenager," says Rex in the About Us section of the page. "Hope everyone enjoys our videos ... the more attention we receive, the more we'll post."

A family member created a GoFundMe account on the couple's behalf. They are hoping to raise $500.

News of their arrest sparked controversy online. Many said the couple should not have been arrested.

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"There are thousands of videos taken in public spaces on that site," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Are they going to prosecute everyone? It's doubtful the charges will stick since they were not caught in the act. I'm curious as to how this was brought up for prosecution. Was the DA surfing that web site or did someone turn them in?"

"Really?" wondered another. "Can't find any real crimes to prosecute in La? Nothing better to spend tax dollars on? Is it even obscenity if no one sees it happen?"

"As if they are the only people that do this kinda thing, they were just stupid enough to post it on the web, to be caught and to earn cash off of it," argued a third. "If it wasn't for that, I bet most have done the same thing, somewhere, at least once in their life, if Not , i am sorry your life isnt adventurous. ... who cares! As long as I don't see it in public, I don't care what ur doing over behind a door.....just sayin."

"Why would they be arrested for that?" another commented. "They obviously did it out of view of the public eye. Who cares if they had sex???"

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