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Married Couple Charged In The Killing Of Texas Police Officer

A married couple is facing charges for the murder of Don Allen, a police officer who was off-duty when he was found dead in his home on Monday. 

Violet Walter, 30, and Phillip Walter, 29, were taken into custody on Thursday in connection to the homicide. They were charged with first-degree felony murder, and may serve from 5 to 99 years in prison or life, Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said. 

"We were able to link the suspects to property taken from Don Allen's residence," Standridge said, according to KTXS. "Additionally, physical evidence recovered at the scene has linked the suspects to the crime."

The District Attorney and Texas Rangers will decide if capital murder charges will be pursued, according to the New York Daily News. 

"We are confident we have taken the right people into custody," Standridge added. "We do not believe there are any other suspects. Although we have made two arrests, there is still a lot of work to do. We are early in this post-arrest investigation."

The two each have a $500,000 bond posted. 

Don Allen's body was discovered alone in his home by family members one day after the shooting death of a deputy in Harris County, Texas. 

Standridge stressed that the two events do not mean that law enforcement is being targeted. 

"The initial reaction was fear," Standridge said. "Why was Officer Allen chosen? That speaks volumes as it relates to how vulnerable are we. ... We look like we're prepared for anything, but the reality is, we're just like you. We go to the same schools in this community. We attend the same churches. We eat at the same restaurants. We are just like you."

Allen is survived by a mother, father, and three siblings, and was engaged to be married. 

A funeral and burial for Allen were arranged for Friday. 

Sources: KTXS(2), New York Daily News, CNN

Photo Credit: KTXS


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