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Married Couple Charged With Bestiality For Sex Act Video With Dog

A married couple from Indiana has been accused of bestiality after a video was uncovered allegedly showing the wife performing sex acts on a dog.

The video was found by an investigator on a website called Beastforum, reports FOX 59. The investigation into the website posts led the investigator to Anderson, Indiana, and local police were notified.

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Nikki Colleen Murphy-Johnson, 33, and Jason Erin Johnson, 37, were arrested and charged with three counts of bestiality in connection with the video and photos produced in June and July of 2014.

The sex acts shown in the video were allegedly performed by Murphy-Johnson on the couple's pet pitbull named Lucky, reports The Daily Mail.

The couple reportedly admitted to Anderson police that they did make the video and posted it online.

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Lucky has since been removed from the couple’s home.

According to Murphy-Johnson and Johnson’s Facebook profiles, they have four children. They were married in 2013.

If convicted, they could serve up to two and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Sources: The Daily Mail, FOX 59 / Photo Source: FOX 59


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