Marriage Counselor Sheila Loven Convinced Couple to Divorce, Had Sex with the Husband

A marriage counselor in Texas is on trial for allegedly using a couple’s therapy sessions to convince the husband to have sex with her. She is being charged with sexual assault.

Sheila Loven, 45, was a counselor for an Arlington couple who was having marital difficulties. After advising them to begin attending counseling sessions separately, she and the husband began having sex.

Ultimately she convinced the husband it was best to get a divorce, what with them sleeping together and all.

Once the couple started talking about their separate therapy sessions, they realized what had happened. They decided to continue with their marriage.

The counselor then allegedly harassed them with calls and texts, which prompted the couple to contact police. Authorities informed them that what she had done was considered sexual assault. They filed a charge against her.

Chief Prosecutor Betty Arvin said, “They didn’t go running to the police yelling that he was sexually assaulted. They didn’t know. Most people don’t know.”

“Not only was what Loven was doing immoral and unethical, it was illegal.”

Loven’s attorney said the relationship was real and came from romance. He claims that there was no emotional coercion.

“It had all the elements of any other romantic relationship. They went out at nightclubs and dinner, and they spent almost every night together. What you will not see in this case is any evidence of manipulation,” attorney Adam Burny said.

But the other side is arguing that there was manipulation on Loven’s end, which mainly occurred when she started seeing the couple separately. She used the opportunity to “collect their secrets” and used these secrets to create problems in the marriage.

She then told the wife to get a divorce and asked the husband on a date, leading to them eventually having sex.

Though the husband stopped going to the sessions, the wife still continued.

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The couple made amends with each other once they realized the manipulation was occurring.

“She was the ultimate inside trader,” Arvin said. “She got information about their lives that they had never shared with anyone and she used it, she twisted it for her own sick reasons.”



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