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Marriage, But Not Gay Marriage, Good for Health

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If you think your spouse is driving you insane, think again! According to the British Medical Journal, marriage is good for your mental health. More than that, say researchers, it's beneficial to your overall health.

On average, couples live longer when they're married, and they make better lifestyle choices. But not every relationship is created equally, the article points out. As FRC has said in the past--and Dr. Pat Fagan's papers confirm--couples only reap these benefits when they pursue marriage the traditional way: tying the knot, once to a member of the opposite sex.

None of this is news, of course. Social science has been on the side of man-woman marriage forever. The people who are attempting to redefine marriage argue that same-sex couples need it to bring stability into their lives and their kids' lives. But as this study points out, it's not the label of "marriage" that confers those benefits--it's the substance of the relationship. Heterosexual couples enjoy these advantages when they follow the definition of a monogamous marriage.

Looking for more reasons to promote real marriage? Check out FRC's MARRI Project and sign up for a free subscription to its Mapping America one-pagers.


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